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About Triple Dog

About Triple Dog
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We’re not only the creators of Triple Dog Dare Sauces and Spices, we’re our best customers. We’re passionate about barbecuing and we got tired of reading ingredients packed full of salt or using shortcuts like tomato paste so we did something about it.

All Triple Dog Dare Sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients, but we don’t stop there… We use a variety of methods to really bring out the best flavours. In our sauces you can truly taste the smoke from the fire roasted peppers. In our Mango Tango glaze you taste and feel the pure organic honey mixing with that same smoky flavour from the fire roasted garlic and fresh mango. We could go on but then we’d just be bragging. 

About Kagawong & Manitoulin

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Welcome to Kagawong, population 506. Home to Triple Dog Labs, Kagawong is a picturesque waterfront town on Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario. But Kagawong isn’t just a village, it’s a way of life, a feeling. Its a place where strangers wave to each other with a smile as they pass by.

Kagawong is an Ojibwe word meaning “where mists rise from the falling water” and it truly couldn’t have a more appropriate name.

Nestled along the Northern Niagara Escarpment, Kagawong hosts an unknown number of waterfalls from the towering Bridal Veil Falls to Triple Dogs very own waterfall just steps from the Triple Dog kitchen.

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Meet the Triple Dog Family

Triple Dog is a family run business, husband, wife, cute puppy, and the occasional appearance of our kids.


When we send a customer a bottle of Dare Sauce or spices we’re not just sending a product, we’re sending our family’s reputation, and as my Mom would say, a little TLC.

Making Hot Sauces

The Mad Scientist

Relaxing With Dog

The Brains

American Bulldog Puppy

The Trouble Maker

Team Triple Dog

Team Triple Dog is a group of serious (if not fanatical) BBQ enthusiasts from across North America come together to demonstrate the absolute best that can be done using Triple Dog Dare products.


From Saskatchewan to Quebec, from barbecue breakfast to barbecue burgers these four grilling guys are lighting the Triple Dog world on fire!

Team Triple Dog


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Tomahack get’s the top spot for being our most fanatical team member. He has so much Triple Dog Dare product on his shelves we had to start making new stuff just for him.

He’s one Hell of a griller and knows how to put together a pro plate. If you’re in Manitoba he’s your top choice for catering, but he also exclusively sells the Triple Dog produced Tomahack Tonic online.

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Hailing from the heart of Ontario cottage country Big D is a Bad ass on a Weber… which he has four of. Married (sorry ladies), 2 boys, 2 big dogs, bourbon and country music.

I aint sayin he’s a gold griller, but I don’t see him messin with no basic grillers. Follow Big D for some serious home cook grilling with passion.

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The best grillers live where nobody wants to go. Yeah, he’ll never escape that joke in this crew. SK is our resident prodigy.

At his age he’s grilling better than most people will in their life. I personally can’t wait to see what he’s whipping off at 40, and I definitely want to eat it.

SK BBQ Team Triple Dog Bio Pic.png


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Azzie brings his own flare to this team, born and raised in Ottawa Canada he grew up with culinary influences from the Middle East mixed with traditional European styles.

Whether its a barbacoa or a breakfast, that eccentrentic mix shines through, so get hungry and get following Azzies Backyard BBQ

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A father and son team, superheroes in some eyes, from Tijuana Tom to Alfies House, this dynamic duo has spent the last year reviewing almost 300 hot sauces from North America to Europe.

Renaissance “men” of the hot sauce world, @spicyjax_to's focus doesn’t end with reviews. They’ve been cooking up a storm and also host a cross-continental breakfast competition, Champions of Breakfast.

Spicy Jax Team Triple Dog Bio Pic.png

If you're looking to constantly feel hungry follow all these folks. Reach out through their social media links and they'll be happy to pass along tips. Better yet, they each have a personal code that will hook you up with 10% off any Triple Dog Products.

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