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About Triple Dog

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We’re not only the creators of Triple Dog Dare Sauces and Spices, we’re our best customers. We’re passionate about barbecuing and we got tired of reading ingredients packed full of salt or using shortcuts like tomato paste so we did something about it.

All Triple Dog Dare Sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients, but we don’t stop there… We use a variety of methods to really bring out the best flavours. In our Suckerpunch sauce you can truly taste the smoke from the fire roasted jalapeños. In our What A Bee BBQ glaze you taste and feel the pure organic honey mixing with that same smoky flavour from the fire roasted garlic. We could go on but then we’d just be bragging. 

About Hudson

Sailboat in Hudson Quebec

Hudson is a village in the Quebec countryside of Canada with a population somewhere around 5,000 and it is home to Triple Dog.

But Hudson isn’t just a village, it’s a way of life, a feeling. Its a place where strangers wave to each other with a smile as they pass by, where nobody minds if you bring your dog in the store with you. We don’t have a police force here, don’t need one. Here neighbours look out for each other.

Most of all, Hudson is a place where we share the belief that quality is worth that extra effort.


At Triple Dog we do our best to provide our own ingredients, but where we can’t we buy from local markets and farms ensuring that the spirit of Hudson travels with our products.

Small Town Lemonade Stand in Hudson

Meet the Triple Dog Family

Triple Dog is a family run business, husband, wife, cute puppy, and the occasional appearance of our kids.


When we send a customer a bottle of Dare Sauce or spices we’re not just sending a product, we’re sending our family’s reputation, and as my Mom would say, a little TLC.

Making Hot Sauces

The Mad Scientist

Relaxing With Dog

The Brains

American Bulldog Puppy

The Trouble Maker