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Triple Dog Ancho Taco Sauce 8oz Glass Bottle.jpg

Ancho Power

Smoked poblano pepper taco sauce

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8oz glass bottle



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16oz economy bottle



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We’re not saying Ancho Power is the best taco sauce in the world, just that there aren’t any better.


The mild heat of poblano peppers is brought out fully through true organic hardwood smoke, blended with onion and garlic. The perfect taco sauce for any Mexican food lover, but why stop there? Ribs, chicken, you name it. Ancho Power grills up beautifully.


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All Triple Dog Dare sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients to maximize freshness. Salt free and artificial chemical free, our sauces are also vegan friendly and ethically produced. We have avoided the use of the top 14 allergens in all products. However, if you have a food allergy we invite you to message us before purchasing.


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