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A Ball, A Dog, & A Swamp

A Springtime Tale

Spring has arrived and thank God for that. Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back for surviving Winter 2020/21. As with any major shift these times, positive or not, are times of upheaval and risk. The approach of warm Spring weather is no different, and so today folks I tell you a harrowing story of passion, of loss, of redemption and love.

This is the day Astrid lost her ball.

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Dirty Pool with Algae.jpg

If you too have a pool surrounded by lush plant life and trees then you also know the first week of Spring is swamp week. Its that week when your walks to the garage are carried out with your hand next to your face while you mutter “the pool guys are coming, the pool guys are coming”.

It was in this time that disaster struck. As I launched the ball through the air, a mighty 50ft throw, Astrid charged across the yard with unbridled joy, but I could already foresee it’s trajectory. In the distance stood a small lilac tree, the latest to our collection. A headstrong young troublemaker with an outstretched branch just waiting to have itself a good laugh, and laugh it did.

Astrid’s ball fell victim to the oldest trick in the book. The good ‘ol 180 degree bounce back complete with swampy splash down. By the time I or Astrid had reached the area of impact the ball had already sunk into the swampy depths and could no longer be seen.

Each morning Astrid would sit by that spot staring longingly into the depths for her lost ball. I could hardly enjoy the breakfast bacon cheeseburgers I’m so fond of barbecuing. These were dark times.

Astrid by Pool 1.jpg
Astrid by Pool 2.jpg

Enter the heroes of this story, our intrepid pool guys Van Roy. They may have made it look it, but I know better than to say it was easy. Two weeks later and the purple damsel has been saved from the murky depths. Astrid has been reunited with her true love and as any story should ours has a fairytale ending.


Thank you Van Roy, next time stick around for a bite of whatever's on the grill.

This hot sauce is on us.

Van Roy saves the Ball.jpg

If we're lucky, Covid is on its way out, but this fight isn't over. Now more than ever our small local businesses need our help to rebuild.

Amazon isn't about to sponsor your kid's ball team and Walmart doesn't make house calls for your gramma. Remember that the next time you choose a vendor.

Visit and tell'em Astrid and Triple Dog says hi.

This post was neither paid for or sponsored by Van Roy in any way other than a job well done.

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