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Triple Dog B2B Options

Half of Triple Dog’s business is B2B and we have multiple channels and options to suit your business.

Custom Creations

Most popular with caterers, our Custom Production service is available upon deposit. If your business is in need of a flavour not currently offered we can create that flavour for you. This service is available only in 1 gallon and larger orders.


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Triple Dog Custom Grilling Oils
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"This is by far one of my greatest products that I sell. It's so versatile you will replace all other oils in your home. Infusing olive oil with roasted garlic & Cambodian Bird Peppers gives that little extra kick to every recipe. Triple Dog was amazing to work with in the creation of this and would 10/10 recommend coming to them for your custom needs."

White Label Exclusive

Ever had a sauce you'd never heard of at a bar or restaurant and thought "Damn this is good"... That was probably us.

For many businesses in the hospitality industry or engaged in the boutique retail sale of edible goods a self branded sauce line has great appeal. The production of sauces however, does not. That’s where our White Label Exclusive option comes in. The basis of this option is similar to Custom Creations, but allows the buyer the option of branding the product with their own brand, and (with quarterly minimums) retaining exclusivity of that flavour.


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White Label

Independent Reseller

Whether your business is a boutique, microbrewery, or eatery our reseller arrangement can be applied to any business engaged in the sale of outbound products. We maintain low minimums to ease the addition of our products to your shelves.


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Wholesale Distribution

My Father once told me “You don’t hire a Brit tour guide to walk you through Ireland”. Wise words and we adhere to that. We know that locals will distribute better than we ever could in their given territory and so we actively pursue local wholesale distribution internationally. If you’re a professional engaged in the distribution of foreign food products we’re interested in hearing from you.


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Wholesale Supplier

Our Dare sauces and spices are a popular commodity amongst caterers and restaurants alike. Whether you're looking for a new ingredient to boost your beef tar tar, something to spice up your dips, or just something to experiment with, we've got you covered.

Through our Wholesale Supplier option we provide these service businesses with bulk orders in quantities of 1 liter or 1 gallon in not-for-resale branded containers at greatly discounted rates.

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