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Custom Creations

Getting tired of punching numbers for The Man all day? That 2006 Dodge Viper you bought without the wife’s permission is impossibly difficult to drive? Springtimes here but Daisy Dukes just got you feelin down? Maybe you’re just doing this whole midlife crisis thing wrong. Maybe you should start a hot sauce company!

It worked for me, it worked for Tomahack, and it’ll work for you!

Custom Creations Banner.jpg

But “wait” you say, “I don’t know the first thing about making hot sauces”.


Who said anything about making hot sauces? Through Triple Dog’s Custom Creations offer we work with you to create the ultimate sauce, oil, or rub to your individual taste. We’ll put our team to work building the branding with you, custom bottles, custom sizes, whatever. All you have to do is put it in the hands of all those fanatical spice lovers out there.

Tomahack BBQ Profile
Tomahack Tonic Bottle
Tomahack Tonic Group Photo

Using the popular elixir Tomahack Tonic as an example, let’s take a look at how a custom creation can change your life.

When we first met Justin from Tomahack BBQ he was living in a barn in Manitoba… MANITOBA!!! Now he owns a spaceship and 17 tigers. He’s built a massive following across all of the more popular provinces from BC to Ontario, and all on the back of his killer cooking and one unbelievably good grilling oil.


Justin started small, being real, he built a community on Instagram, and through his insane BBQ skills earned their respect. He made pathways with multiple brands building opportunities, and finally launched his own ecommerce website taking up the mantle of distributor for the select of these brands. Next came his own branded products beginning with his existing flagship…


We’re talking about The Chronic, The Bubonic, The Make Your Bowels Go Sonic… The  Tonic, Tomahack Tonic!

Justin came to Triple Dog looking for something unlike anything on the market and that’s just what we gave him. Wild Cambodian Bird Peppers hand picked under fair trade direct from the jungle, fire roasted garlic, smoked onion, all the good stuff, and all soaked into a killer oil that will knock any steak straight out the park. A few examples....

Surf & Turf with Tomahack Tonic Grilling Oil
BBQ Burger Picnic with Tomahack Tonic Grilling Oil
Chicken Drumsticks with Tomahack Tonic Grilling Oil

To get your hands on some Tomahack Tonic you don’t need to look any further than where it is sold exclusively under license.


Interested in launching your own product? Reach out to us here at Triple Dog to discuss the finer points. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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