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Triple Dog Deals

The Grillmaster With Fries Kit

Spicy honey garlic with smoked turmeric root

$64.95 CAD

Full Collection Of Barbecue Sauces

What A Bee

Sucker Punch Directors Cut

Traditional Mexican jalapeño sauce

Save $14.80 CAD

Triple Dog Heat
Triple Dog Heat
Triple Dog Heat

Holy Habanero !

Smoked habanero pepper BBQ sauce

Triple Dog Heat
Triple Dog Heat
Triple Dog Heat
Triple Dog Heat

The ultimate Triple Dog grilling sauce collection 

Fire roasted garlic spicy ketchup

Can Do ketchup

Triple Dog Heat

4x 350ml

The Grillmaster With Fries Kit combines all four of our insanely popular grilling sauces and condiments in one big savings. A 350ml bottle of our What A Bee honey garlic, a 350ml of Sucker Punch Director's Cut, and of course a 350ml bottle of Holy Habanero ! BBQ sauce. Last, but not least, a 350ml bottle of Can Do Ketchup, the perfect condiment to accompany any of these.

What A Bee honey garlic sauce
Barbecued Chicken Breast and Scampi
Candied Chicken Breast and Risotto

What A Bee

A spicy honey garlic BBQ glaze that will light you up, and it’s marvellous!

Made with pure organic honey and fire roasted fresh garlics, What a Bee is a truly unique premium experience that will have the whole picnic table talking.

Sucker Punch Directors Cut Mexican Sauce
BBQ Pork Chops & Corn Salad
Beef Tacos in Mexican Hot Sauce

Sucker Punch Director's Cut

First you’ll experience a woodsy flavour reminding you of many campfires. Then comes the right hook, a lip puckering sour flavour, and just when you think you’ve experienced Sucker Punch in comes that left hook laying on the heat.

Holy Habanero BBQ Sauce
Giant Habanero Club Sandwich
Habanero Hot Sauce BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Holy Habanero !

The perfect BBQ sauce for any hot sauce lover. One taste and it will remind you of every BBQ your Dad made, if your Dad was an insane person that used pureed habanero peppers to season the meat. Holy Habanero! Is an incredible mix of campfire smoky flavour, sweetness, and the king of the chili peppers.

Can Do Ketchup Sauce
BBQ Sloppy Joe Burger
Crispy Fried Crab Cakes With Spicy Ketchup

Can Do Ketchup

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen and dip your fries in some Can Do Ketchup. Made entirely with whole ingredients, Can Do is a perfect mild sauce blending fire roasted sweet garlics with toasted onions and ginger root to compliment the rich flavour of whole San Marzano tomatoes.