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Triple Dog Habanero BBQ Sauce

Holy Habanero !

Smoked habanero chili pepper BBQ sauce


$19.95 CAD

The perfect BBQ sauce for any hot sauce lover. One taste and it will remind you of every BBQ your Dad made, if your Dad was an insane person that used pureed habanero peppers to season the meat. Holy Habanero! Is an incredible mix of campfire smoky flavour, sweetness, and the king of the chili peppers.

It arrives as a proper barbequing sauce with a viscosity thick enough to be used as a dip or a glaze, but can also be watered down for use as a marinade. Ideal for anything on the grill, even vegetables.

All Triple Dog Dare sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients and are made to order to maximize freshness. Salt free and artificial chemical free, our sauces are also vegan friendly and ethically produced. We have avoided the use of the top 14 allergens in all products. However, if you have a food allergy we invite you to message us before purchasing.

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