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The Epic Relocation of

Triple Dog

Four months ago the Triple Dog family closed its Hudson doors for good, piled into an RV and drove nine hours to their new home in Kagawong Ontario on Manitoulin Island.

A new home that was, at the time nothing more than a beautiful patch of forest. We had planned to reopen sales within 60 days, but can I just say... It rains a lot here!

Triple Dog Sauces from Manitoulin Island Ontario

As they say, "better late than never" and today Triple Dog is proud to call Kagawong home and to finally reopen online sales! So here's what's new and what's next for Triple Dog

Dare Sauces.jpg

Big changes on the sauce front!

Our Dare sauces have always been of the absolute premium quality and continue to be, but let's face it... that "premium" came with a price tag. With everything we've all been through these last couple of years it was important to us that we find a way to bring those prices down without effecting the quality of the sauce, and that's just what we've done.

SELECTION: Sorry folks, some heads needed to be chopped. Of our large sauce collection there were a number of sauces pushing the overall price of production up. These are all gone now, leaving our remaining five best sellers. 

SIZES: Our original 150ml and 350ml bottles were used as they were favoured by most our customers, but we figured you'd probably rather have more money left over in your pocket. Dare Sauces are now offered in an 8oz (approx 235ml) bottle. These are kick-*ss old-timey square medicine bottles with a metal cap that'll look killer in your collection, but if you want to save even more we now offer our sauces in a 16oz economy bottle with a BBQ drip top for the serious griller.


Triple Dog Buffalo Wing Sauce 8oz Glass Bottle
Triple Dog Ancho Taco Sauce 8oz Glass Bottle

BUFFY SAUCE: Our popular Can Do Ketchup has been reimagined into a smoked garlic Buffalo Wing sauce... Light on the tomato, heavy on the cayenne peppers, and high on the heat!

ANCHO POWER: Poblano peppers (AKA ancho) has got to be one of the most flavourful peppers out there with a natural smokiness that really shines when you actually smoke them like we do.

Cayenne Peppers.png

Lastly, all of our sauces have been rebuilt using the same flavour formulas, but increasing the consistency of the fluid making the new sauces ideal for cooking with plenty of aesthetics built in including chili seeds and chunks of whole peppers.

Dare Spices.jpg

Lowered prices on the spice front too!

Although our line of five spice mixes and rubs hasn't changed, the packaging has. We've kept our traditional 8oz plastic shaker bottle format, but we've added an economy option in 3.5oz pouches.

Triple Dog Spice Products
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