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Triple Dog Products

Ranging from condiment & grilling sauces to hot sauces and spice mixes Triple Dog offers 20 different premium choices to choose from for your next culinary adventure. All of our products are made with whole, fresh, and organic ingredients, sourcing local whenever possible

We use only 100% natural preservatives and we’re proud of our 100% salt free reputation.

We strive to make our products widely safe to use, gluten free, vegan friendly, and free of the top 14 allergens. However, if you have concerns regarding allergies or otherwise we welcome to you to contact us and will usually respond within 24 hours.

Triple Dog Grilling Sauce Bottle

Condiment & Grilling Sauces

Available exclusively in 350ml quantities these sauces have a thickness and consistency similar to the off-the-shelf BBQ sauces and ketchups you're familiar with making them ideal for a place at your picnic table, while their moderate stickiness lends itself well to the grill holding the sauce to meat or seafood.

BBQ Sauce Collection
Triple Dog Hot Sauce Bottle

Hot Sauces

Available primarily in 150ml quantities our hot sauces have a thickness and consistency on par with most major brands, great for dripping or mixing into a larger base as a condiment or glaze. The flavour in these sauces is more than potent enough to be spread thinly.

Hot Sauce Collection
Triple Dog Spice Mix Bottle

Spice Mixes & Dry Rubs

Available exclusively in 8oz quantities our spice mixes lend themselves well either as an ingredient or a dry rub coating. Made entirely with whole fresh ingredients with zero salt the flavour explodes when it touches moisture. A little goes a long way. This is pure flavour.

Dry Rub Collection

The Triple Dog Quality Guarantee

We stand by our products and we believe they will be some of the best you’ve ever had. If you disagree we’ll refund your purchase.

You may return any product which is more than ¾ full within 14 days of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping if not satisfied for any reason. It's that simple.

More information regarding our transaction policies, security and returns policy can be found on our Purchase Policy page.