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Triple Dog Raspberry Chipotle Hot Sauce

Ra Ra Rasputin

Fresh Raspberries & Smoked Chipotle Peppers


$14.95 CAD

Rumoured to be the favoured hot sauce of the Russian Queen, Ra Ra Rasputin could almost be called a desert hot sauce if there was such a thing. The fresh whole raspberries used in its creation are potent and create an incredible experience combined with the whole chipotle peppers they’re blended with.

We’ve added Ra Ra Rasputin to cheesecake, we’ve added it to ice cream, but as a glaze on a rack of ribs it will blow your mind.

All Triple Dog Dare sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients and are made to order to maximize freshness. Salt free and artificial chemical free, our sauces are also vegan friendly and ethically produced. We have avoided the use of the top 14 allergens in all products. However, if you have a food allergy we invite you to message us before purchasing.

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