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Burger Weekend

at RCs Diner

To celebrate Ontario’s latest unofficial quasi it’s not a lockdown, but well yeah it’s kind of a lockdown, Team Triple Dog is gonna blow the roof off an authentic local diner burger weekend.


Starting now and continuing until Sunday RC’s Diner in South Baymouth is offering up two 1/2lb pure beef patty T-Dog sauced burgers.

RCs Diner Burger Weeekend with Triple Dog
Ancho Power Hot Sauce By Triple Dog with Heat Level.png

In the one corner we’ve got the monster ancho burger featuring Triple Dog’s new Ancho Power sauce. This is the everyman’s hot sauce with just enough zing to make it interesting. Ancho Power is made with true hardwood 16hr smoked poblano peppers and it shows. These are gonna be some seriously smoky tangy burgers.


In the other corner we’ve got T-Dog’s infamous Cherry Bomb sauce. This is going to be a seriously killer burger topped with a cherry and scotch bonnet sauce. If that sounds like candy, its because it is… candy for crazy people. 14,000X hotter than a jalapeno, scotch bonnets are one of Jamaica’s best exports (right under Bob Marley and that umm other thing).

Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce By Triple Dog with Heat Level.png

RC’s Diner is still relatively new to the island having opened its doors just less than a year ago, but they’ve got generations of perfection under their belt. Dough & batters, sauces & soups, all homemade from family recipes and damn does it show.

RCs Diner South Baymouth Manitoulin Island Ontario.jpg

Few businesses have it as tough as the hospitality business in these days, and fewer still need your support more than those family run diners, cafes, bakeries and the like…

so whether you get to RC’s in time for a monster burger or not, get to your nearest local and support your neighbours.

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