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is Springing

And soon shall be sprung! After the year we’ve all had I’m imagining us all like in those movies where they get out of the plane that almost crashed, fall to their knees and start kissing the tarmac.


Maybe I’m trying to encourage Spring forward a bit here but its time for some reminiscing.

Spring is Springing Banner

Time for outdoor pork chops and Astrid refusing to get in the pool.

Puppy envying food
American Bulldog puppy by pool

All those poolside grills, all that food. The memories have me salivating.

Crab Cakes and Ketchup Poolside
Chciken and corn on the cob by the pool
BBQ Ribs by the pool
Jerk stye BBQ kabobs by the pool
Beef roast and salad poolside
Chciken wings poolside

I can finally go back to getting my Covid haircuts outdoors even.

But this year Spring comes with a few awesome announcements from Triple Dog.


First of all, I don’t know what happened, but this years Ra Ra Rasputin haul is going to ROCK. Not only are our bushes coming in a full month early but these are the most lush and vibrantly colored I’ve seen since we first had them. Giving big thanks to our luck, any purchases in the Month of June will come with a free 50ml bottle of the new Ra Ra Rasputin stock.

Raspberry vines
Wild raspberry bush
Poolside haircut
Ra Ra Rasputin hot sauce

We’re a bit behind schedule on this one, but in the next week or so Triple Dog will be releasing a new product line… T-DOG GEAR! Beginning with 5 products, we will be launching a line of display and carrying cases ideal for Springtime picnics.

These will be listed at extremely cost friendly pricing as our intention is to sell them at cost to promote your enjoyment of our products. Keep an eye out for this one. It’s going to be awesome!

Not a week goes by that we don’t get a request for this crazy sauce idea, that crazy sauce idea, or “please, please bring back that prototype!” Well, we listened.

Hot Sauce Bucket by the lake

There’s no definitive launch date on this yet other than to say “in time for Spring”, but we will be launching a new limited lineup of seriously creative sauces and rubs under the heading of Specialty Products, beginning with our first 3:

  • Pirate Milk - If you were one of the lucky ones to get to try this prototype you know just what I’m talking about. A level 5 heat that’s almost black in colour made from scorched scotch bonnet peppers and plantain extract.

  • Ancho Power - Otherwise known as that custom creation that never made it to @tomahackbbq because I ate it all and have now stolen for good. This taco sauce is absolutely next level addictive. Straight forward, but delicious, smoked ancho peppers and lime, oh yeah!

  • Trønder Hop - Dear to my heart, Trønder is the land of my viking ancestors. I’ve lived there twice and will never forget their drink of choice “Trønder Tea”, a tea made from Smaragd hops leaves mixed with moonshine. This is the “How did I get all the way up here on this Fjord and yet can’t move my legs?” drink. I’ve taken the liberty of recreating it as a dry rub / spice mix (you’ll have to get your own moonshine, that’s not included). This is happy food at the end of a long day of battle on your path to Valhalla.

What would you like to see in this unique AF lineup? Let us know, maybe it’ll happen.


Until later, and as always….

Triple Dog at Hudson Quebec
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