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Triple Dog Traditional Mexican Hot Sauce

Sucker Punch

Traditional Mexican Jalapeño Sauce


$14.95 CAD

Sucker Punch is the recipe that started it all. The method of fermentation and the recipe itself were taught to me 25 years ago in a small Mexican village. A mix of fresh jalapeño and fire roasted jalapeño hits with you with a double whammy sour under a zing of heat. There’s truly nothing like this sauce.

All Triple Dog Dare sauces are prepared to the highest quality using fresh whole ingredients and are made to order to maximize freshness. Salt free and artificial chemical free, our sauces are also vegan friendly and ethically produced. We have avoided the use of the top 14 allergens in all products. However, if you have a food allergy we invite you to message us before purchasing.

Meal Ideas

Jalapeno Steak Grilled Panini

Steak & Jalapeno Grilled Panini

Steak Tacos

Beef Tacos

Jalapeno Beef Roast

Sucker Punch Dressed Roast Beef

Shredded Beef Sandwhich

Pulled Steak Sandwich