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The Road So Far

Years ago when my wife and I started into the world of hot sauce it was a much different world than the once we live in today. Hot sauce life was generally a life of fairs and open markets where we would meet face to face with our fans. Where somebody could make a true connection, but we all know what happens next.

Triple Dog News - The Road So Far

While we mourn the loss of those wonderful businesses, we however have been extremely fortunate. Covid forced Triple Dog into the online world. We weren't happy about it at first, because for us hot sauce meant community. That’s exactly what we found online. We discovered a new community, thousands and thousands of “real” people, grillers so to speak.


With the support of that community Triple Dog didn’t just survive Covid. It thrived. Our hot sauce line has more than doubled in size and we’ve added two new product lines. A month or so back we created Team Triple Dog, a small collection of BBQ wizards that are honestly just the best people around.

Today, only ten months after going online we are announcing the launch of our new website, soon to be followed by a Team Triple Dog YouTube channel. Our Instagram is filled with comments by people excited by our creations and we wanted to give back, and so both the new website and our YouTube will keep a heavy focus on instructional content allowing our fans to cook (and definitely enjoy) what they see.


We are also releasing a new product line entirely. With each of our giveaway promotions we’ve included a display case for the sauces and what we’ve found is that these are a huge hit as a gift for friends and family. Supply will be limited at first, but we will be releasing 3 different picnic/BBQ style branded carrying cases.


So truly, and from our hearts, we thank you all for your support. Life in Covid World has not been easy on anybody, but you have all made it a little bit better.

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